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Road safety at Colo Vale P.S.


Courtesy, patience and vigilance will always be needed when driving near a school.

Although we are not in the middle of a big town, the roadways near our school can be very busy at drop-off and pick-up times. All road users need to be especially careful to keep all of our children safe.

At all times, it is imperative that road rules and road signs be followed. Remember, the 40 kph School Zone is operational from 8.00am to 9.30am and from 2.30pm to 4.00pm.

Colo Vale sign School Zone

Dropping students at the school in the morning

Parents may drop their children at school in the bus bay area or from the sign-posted parking areas in front of the school. If you are dropping off your child on the opposite side of the road from the school, then the child MUST use the pedestrian crossing. If dropping off at the back gate, then ensure that you have stopped on the school side of the road.

 No stopping sign Side entrance gate

Afternoon pick up of students 

In the afternoon, parents are required to park their car and come to the front of the school to escort their children back to their car. If the car is on the other side of the road, then the pedestrian crossing MUST be used. Under no circumstance should a child be encouraged to hurry across the road in response to the sound of a horn or a call.

Drivers should never make U-turns in front of the school.

Crossing the road

Please use the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road with your child. It is recommended practice to hold your child's hand when crossing a road until 8 years of age. Please supervise your child in the roadside environment until they reach 10 years of age. It is also good to practise "Stop, Look, Listen and Think" with your child before crossing the road.

Walking to or from school by themselves, students must use the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road.

Children crossing sign Road crossing

In the afternoon, the Teacher-on-Duty will take all those children who are walking or riding home across the pedestrian crossing when it is safe to do so.

Parents should never take other children across the pedestrian crossing unless they themselves are driving or walking those other children home.

Safety Door

 We ask you to follow the Safety Door rule by making sure that whenever possible, your child enters and leaves the car via the rear kerb side door.

School Car Parks

The school car parks are for staff only. However, if there is a need to make an exception to this rule, please make such arrangements with the school.

Under no circumstances should cars drive into the car park and then reverse out onto the road!

Overall, please be careful when driving near our school boundaries as students may move unexpectedly.

School warning sign