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OHS & Emergency Evacuations

Here are some of the key Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) information documents.

The OHS Policy is important for all visitors, staff and contractors.It is expected that everyone adheres to  this policy.

The Emergency Evacuation Procedures are updated annually or when there is a significant change in the school. These are displayed through out the school.

Emergency Drills occur every 6 months.

The Rural Fire Services observe a drill annually.

There are three evacuation points and drills. Synopsis below:

Emergency Signal Move to Procedure
Jurd Park Evacuation Standard Evacuation Siren (Whoop) 1. Centre of Jurd Park-across Acacia St.
2. Pony club if necessary.
3. Colo Vale Progress Hall(1 KM)
1.Evaluate:Check area.
2. Communicate:Principal determines assistance. Emergency: Ring 000
3. Account for staff, students, contractors, disabled and volunteers.
3. Ensure medical treatment.
4. Manage and evaluate.
5 . All clear signal-music/ or voice.
Bushfire Evacuation Fire truck siren

2. Admin Block: toallocated classrooms, staffroom and wet areas.


In Catastrophic Fire Danger Period, the school will close.



Catastrophic Fire Danger

NB. Parents will be notified  by website and local radio.

Students will not attend school but will be directed to another school that is not fire affected if possible. Staff will go to their nearest non fire affected school and report for duty.  


Stay safe indorrs

Bip Bip Bip Bip 3. Follow instructions. Return to class, lock door externally.  Await all clear signal.


Employees have access to specific support services including the Employee Assistance Program.

Contact the principal or see the intranet or school server for more information.

All  employee workplace injuries are reported to the OHS Hotline.

  • OHS Hotline (pdf, 327 KB)   Freecall
    1800 811 523     8am to 5pm      Monday to Friday